Marc Jacobs SPRING 2014 READY-TO-WEAR-Urbanized Victorialism


It’s more of a weird frat party, Burning Man, shores-of-Gotham City sort of beach scene. It’s a lovely nightmare, or it was for me anyway.” With those words Marc Jacobs described the collection,making clear that he aimed to present more of a decadent victorian fairy tale land than a ”return to the 90’s”,something that several designers aimed to.Was it successful?With great capes in black and red,all embellished with thread,short,almost athletic pants with fierce prints that re-called the 90’s (see,he didn’t left it totally aside ),and dresses than ”urbanized victorianism”.I particularly liked black dresses(very cleverly cut so as to look both vistorian infuenced-and modern) and the appliqued items. Exceptionally dark yet fresh and wearable. The whole collection did not appear to be a Spring one but as Jacob’s himself stated it: ” “I didn’t want the cliché of Spring and Summer, I wanted it to be about girls who have no problem coming to work in a Victorian gown and Birkenstocks.”. I was never a fan of Mr Jacob’s work but this time he presented some really good items and an overall aesthetic that i support.Wish he havent insisted so much in presenting short pants along with victorian-like capes with dreadful shoes.But the dresses,ah those were magnificent.

LUX_6968.450x675 LUX_6976.450x675 LUX_7044.450x675 LUX_7087.450x675 LUX_7099.450x675 LUX_7140.450x675 LUX_7179.450x675 LUX_7188.450x675 LUX_7213.450x675 LUX_7247.450x675 LUX_7263.450x675 LUX_7307.450x675 LUX_7378.450x675 LUX_7400.450x675 LUX_7414.450x675 LUX_7493.450x675

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