Marchesa SPRING 2014 READY-TO-WEAR- Sometimes Classic Is The New Modern

a ”decadent” yet ultra chic ballerina-the epitome of elegance

What i evaluate most in almost any Marchesa collection is that i find wxatcly what i expect.Otherwise,the creative team appears consistent to brand’s overall aesthetics yet embodying the latest color-fabric trends in the designs.Thus every collection,with the current being no exception,is full of well cut,luxurious items that await to be worn in red-carpet star appearances and provide the ”ticket-to-elegance” to the wearer.

For Spring 2914RTW ¬†Marchesa presented beautiful soft pastels such as pale blue and green,sometimes mixed as a floral pattern in ruffled dresses that standed out.Then,there was black to be introduced,in the form of flamenco dresses or stringed ones, plus the bold compination of black and white that worked due to the carefully patterned items combined or,again,with the use of white over black as something applique yet vital part of the items themselves. As i mentioned vefore,i expect these dresses to be sold/ordered right after the show.Watch for them in most celebrity events,you’ll find at least one! Btw, i loved the light aired black extensions on the models’ quietly chic..

LUX_6083.450x675 LUX_6099.450x675 LUX_6127.450x675 LUX_6148.450x675 LUX_6158.450x675 LUX_6212.450x675 LUX_6234.450x675 LUX_6239.450x675 LUX_6262.450x675

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