What’s wrong with Alexander Wang?


I have to admit i was never a fan of Alexander Wang’s minimal yet sharp tailoring and was wary about him designing in Balenciaga-with Balenciaga being one of the Houses i used to love for their absolute elegance of designs and first class quality of fabrics. Alexander Wang’s SPRING 2014 READY-TO-WEAR collection made me even more wary.The designer stated the 90’s frenzy of logos and short cuts as an inspiration,yet the realization of the idea provided a collection you wouldn’t expect coming even from a graduate fashion student.Guipure lace translated into ”logos”?Button’s up combined with short pleated skirts and visible seams in trench coats a la 90’s?Not a single ida to pursue the 90’s revival further,after all is still a matter of age-he’s too young to have these trends distilled into something actually modern.Or,now that Balenciaga is the real deal,his personal collection carries out all his experimentation.Still,there was not a sign of experiment,just a collection that would happily fill the shelves of any high street mega brand. Just that. I only keep the gloves as the item that actually caught my attention,but if i keep a pair of gloves out of a whole collection,well,something’s not right at all.Seriously now,””Parental Advisory” plastered on Tees?For God’s sake,is this seriously Alexander Wang’s 2014 SPRING READY-TO-WEAR collection?

WAN_1526.450x675 WAN_1573.450x675 WAN_1590.450x675 WAN_1719.450x675 WAN_1819.450x675 WAN_1857.450x675 WAN_1982.450x675 WAN_2063.450x675 WAN_2109.450x675

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