Jason Wu’s SPRING 2014 READY-TO-WEAR collection-Modernizing the 90’s-Feminine Power


With many designers presenting the 90’s as an inspiration to their SPRING 2014 READY-TO-WEAR collections, New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week comes close to appear as a retrospective of the decade’s main shapes and colors.The collection that managed to epitomize a healthy dialogue with current aesthetics was Jason Wu SPRING 2014 READY-TO-WEAR collection.Here, iconic 90’s blouse shapes were playfully combined with futuristic cuts in skirts,as well as the use of sequins in sportif cut dresses with great tailoring.With white and beige being the predominant colors,the focus where on cut,and the pattern cuts were great-and modern-indeed! Safari looks,lose jackets and pockets as a further ‘adornment’ were meeting ‘darker’ ideas such as laced blouses and blue/black combinations on sheer transparent skirts and modern dresses.Jason Wu has indeed interpreted the 90’s idea the best he could,creating a collection that could very well stand as it is,a modern one.And,mind you,this is not easy.

JAS_0775.450x675 JAS_0794.450x675 JAS_0921.450x675 JAS_0948.450x675 JAS_1010.450x675 JAS_1087.450x675 JAS_1115.450x675 JAS_1147.450x675 JAS_1176.450x675 JAS_1242.450x675 JAS_1344.450x675 JAS_1394.450x675

Director: Marina Valle
Executive Producer: Harris Levinson


  1. My problems with the collections today, it’s not that they are not cute or commercial. There just is no revolution here. None of that “wow” effect.

    It’s almost as if every establishment has settled on a simple ZARA or H&M simplicity.

    The problem is why buy these items at such designer prices when you can just buy it from Zara or H&M.

    Even if Zara & H&M’s qualities leave much to be desired, how long and how many seasons can one woman be seen in the same look.


    Show us your talent and surprise us!


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