Designer Dejan Despotovic-The future of Fashion,exclusive interview.

26571_378621567787_3254692_nI have to admit,i’ve been longing to arrange an interview with young designer Dejan Despotovic. It was this dark yet demure appeal of his designs,the dark side meeting the elegant one that intrigued me in the first place.The use of textiles and the cleverly arranged combinations of soft and ”strong” fabrics were are two features that made his work stand out even  from his early stages,as a mere student in High textile school in Belgrade.No wonder he’s having several awards under his belt so far, most of them awarded just after the design of his first  individual collection.(two consecutive nominations for the best young designer at Pantene Beauty Awards in 2006 and 2007, the winning of the first prize at the Nokia Awards competition for young designers at Fashion Selection and the winning of the Black & White competition at the opening of Belgrade Fashion Week in 2007). Ladies and Gentlemen,you know the name,now keep it in mind.

-What is the overall vision behind your work?

My vision is based on how to make a garment to be fashion forward, dark, strong but also romantic, wearable and sometimes elegant. Cut, details and form are my the most important prat in making clothes. I also love to tell a story on my presentations, and that is always connected to dark, sometimes horror inspired interiors, music and the look it self.

-What inspires you? Fashion history, music, images..

I loooove music , and music will be my inspiration forever. I am fully inspired after midnight when everybody is sleeping and I am in my room with one lamp over my head with my Ipod and music that inspires me. That is always some beautiful peaceful composer or some experimental singer. Such as Max Richter, Wim Mertens, Antony and the Johnsons, Chelsea Wolfe….etc.

-What is your latest collection/project about?

Thank you for this question because I am just finishing my new project which is about black cotton dress shirts. My biggest love always was the shirt. Womens, mens it doesn’t metter….I will include both womend and mens into this collection (line) which will be called “BLACK’D”.
BLACK’D will be continued from season to season and it will be all about black shirt made in so many ways and constructed in so many ways. Details are the most important part of my work. I love details, cuts and playing with form.

-Could you define’’ beauty’’ or ‘’style’’ in your very own terms?

Beauty is always in front of us and I think that everything has its own beauty even if we don’t see it at fist sight. Beauty is deep inside and when you find that beauty then things become more exiting and more fun!:)
Style is how you present your energy, your spirit and your education. Thee way u live, the way you dress that’s your own reflection and its good to have that unique reflection and it’s always good to see that creative, crazy, bright and smart reflection.

-Any more infos you’d like to share with us regarding your future plans?

The only thing you should think about is waiting for me to present BLACK’D and I would like to hear what people in NYC, US and the rest of the world think about having one or more of BLACK’D shirts in their closets.:)

What’s the best advice you’d give to someone considering entering the fashion world?

Just be Strong, be yourself, consistent, sometimes take a risk, don’t let anyone lead your inspiration….Fashion is all about presenting our dreams, our inside beauty and energy, our imagination. But you always have to think about boundary between dreams and reality because the most beautiful thing is to see your design worn by someone….so be smart and make your “dream” wearable.

BLACK’D line images.

photo (61)

photo (61)rrrrr

photo (61a)

Other images from fashion shows/presentations/editorials.








Last but not least,my favorite design.I kind of.. need that dress!

73123_10150107046082788_8294945_n copy

Backstage frenzy

i politika 3

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