Prada’s brand new Fall13 Campaign shot by Steven Meisel plus Campaign ”casting-like” video


The new Prada Fall13 Campaign.shot by renowned photographer Steven Meisel and styled by Olvier Rizzo is a visual statement of an antithesis between models’ luxurious  Fall clothes and their sleek hair appearance (plus lack of full make-up). The main idea that the new Prada woman is seductive,flawlessly dressed yet laid out when necessary, was all there.And it looked promising.Models posed as sexy into their own skin, allowing the clothes to be worn in a more careless manner,despite the sartorial mastery of a Prada black Jacket or a coat.As said above,this project was actually  to showcase that the Prada woman is more than the  business-like one,is also a strongly seductive one.The change of a fashion standard image (the Prada one) in process reaching out towards a different kind of clientele apart from the ”devoted” ones. Btw,i want those glasses.Seriously bad.

prada-fall-ads1-1000x667 prada-fall-ads2-1000x667 prada-fall-ads3-1000x667 prada-fall-ads4-1000x667 prada-fall-ads5-1000x667 prada-fall-ads6-1000x667 prada-fall-ads7-1000x667 prada-fall-ads8-1000x667 prada-fall-ads10-1000x667

Prada holds another surprise though,the official campaign’s video is nothing more than a staged ”casting” of the models to actually ”feature” in the Fall13 Prada Campaign! Something like searching for the next ”big fashion face”,all arranged beforehand of course,with video director DJA collaborating with Steven Meisel to achieve a perfect finishing.

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