Iconic Catwalk Venues hosted by Jessica Minh Anh! UPCOMING: Arizona - The Official Grand Canyon State, United States
Iconic Catwalk Venues hosted by Jessica Minh Anh! UPCOMING: Arizona – The Official Grand Canyon State, United States

Yes,you’ve read it right.Global fashion show organiser and model Jessica Minh Anh wants to make history once more.In this November scheduled ‘catwalk’,models will dare to walk at 4,000 feet over the Grand Canyon in the highly anticipated J Autumn Fashion Show in the United States (on 1 November 2013). Staged on the engineering marvel ‘the Skywalk’, also known as the “best new bridge” made of glass, the show will demonstrate an exquisite combination of human creative genius and Mother Nature’s greatest wonder in an hour long catwalk. It is also set to celebrate the rise of the new generation of young self-made entrepreneurs led by fashion model Jessica Minh Anh.

This iconic catwalk is part of Jessica’s series of history making showcases at the most extraordinary venues worldwide following the grand success on London Tower Bridge and PETRONAS Twin Towers’ Skybridge.

The show will premier both Haute Couture and high end Ready-to-Wear collections from over 20 countries in 5 continents. Exclusive VIPs and international press will be seated on one side of the bridge and will watch the models walking in front of them as if they were walking on a cloud. The rest of the world will be joining the unique experience via live streaming and live broadcasts in various countries. The event will be filmed from helicopters to get the perfect angles, as well as across the entire bridge. As a result, the majesty of the Colorado River and the silhouette of an eagle in the Grand Canyon wall will be fully captured alongside the stunning catwalk.

With a vision to go beyond imagination, Jessica Minh Anh has continuously redefined modern fashion show standards while setting a positive example for the young generation, offering internships and advice to other budding entrepreneurs. Earlier this year, she tested her creativity on water hosting the 90 metre floating catwalk on the Seine River in Paris and the world’s first sundeck catwalk on Costa Atlantica in Dubai. “This time, I want to bring fashion to Eagle’s Point. The Grand Canyon is one of America’s most stunning landscapes and so I want to showcase this against cutting edge fashion. I hope that inspires people” said Jessica Minh Anh.

The official poster and promotional video will be produced in the second week of September, followed by ‘The Making Of the World’s Most Unique Catwalk’ documentary.For more information, visit and

J Model Management's high profile shows on international press 2013 resize

The model and the agency behind her have created a series of events where several iconic places or monuments have been used as catwalks with great success regardless of the cost or perhaps even the danger.See below a video with their most memorable events staged from London to Costa Atlantica,in Dubai.

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