”The Final Frontier”,Steven Klein’s infamous editorial for Vogue’s US September Issue.

raquel-zimmermann-toni-garrn-niklas-garrn-steven-klein-vogue-us-september-2013-1 raquel-zimmermann-toni-garrn-niklas-garrn-steven-klein-vogue-us-september-2013-2 raquel-zimmermann-toni-garrn-niklas-garrn-steven-klein-vogue-us-september-2013-3 raquel-zimmermann-toni-garrn-niklas-garrn-steven-klein-vogue-us-september-2013-4 raquel-zimmermann-toni-garrn-niklas-garrn-steven-klein-vogue-us-september-2013-5 raquel-zimmermann-toni-garrn-niklas-garrn-steven-klein-vogue-us-september-2013-6

Steven Klein shoots Raquel Zimmermann, Toni Garrn and her brother Niklas Garrn in the story ‘The Final Frontier’ for Vogue’s US September Issue. Styled by Tonne Goodman. Make-up by Val Garland, hair by Garren.

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