Designer Sebastian Errazuriz presents the ”Unique 120-Zipper Dress”


In terms of customable clothing ,this idea must be one of the best i have come across lately.The zipper dress,designer by Sebastian Errazuriz, appears chic and easy to wear, yet its being constructed by 120 zippers,all strategically placed,so that they can provide several styling possibilities by just..unzipping them.The wearer can simply zip and unzip along any of the horizontal zipper lines to convert their clothing to their taste in seconds.The garment balances between being sexy and elegant depending on how the wearer will use the zippers.There is also the middle way,meaning shortening the top or bottom or even leaving some zippers partly on and partly off.The decision is yours,make it an elegant one!Now,you have to excuse not to undress when the occasion ..ahem,requires it!





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