“She’s Light (Pure),”-Kate Moss photographed by Chris Levine using a Lenticular photography process.


”I think [these images] struck such a chord because it’s going somewhere into a more spiritual dimension and into a deeper realm.It’s what we are but people don’t very often connect with it.”
~Chris Levine~


Photographer and visual artist Chris Levine embarks himself to the process of  illuminating the power inherent in stillness,not in motion,as many other photographers would do,largely using on lights,lasers and holography. In the above images he strived in focusing on ”Kate”, the real ”Kate”,as he says, and not on showcasing ”Kate Moss”.The image shot using a Lenticular photographic process, makes Kate appear as if in 3D and somehow, beyond the limitations of a flat surface,something of a real symbol of eternal time and space,a ”sleeping beauty” of its times.The British Fine Art Society describe his work methods as: ‘‘Levine’s practice is differentiated by the cross-fertilization across many fields including music, performance, installation, fashion and design in a multitude of collaborative projects.”.

The first portrait of the collaboration between the model and the artist titled “She’s Light (Laser)” being also  the centerpiece in the artist’s solo exhibition at The Fine Art Society Contemporary in London, along with  lenticular that made its debut at Selfridges store.



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