Being..‘Twinsiconic’ -Neda Rajabi for The Iconic Issue-Summer 2013

”Life is for each person a solitary cell whose walls are mirrors.”

~Eugene O’Neill~

the-libertine-magazine-twinsiconic-jaike-and-ilka-by-neda-rajabi-summer-2013-1 the-libertine-magazine-twinsiconic-jaike-and-ilka-by-neda-rajabi-summer-2013-2 the-libertine-magazine-twinsiconic-jaike-and-ilka-by-neda-rajabi-summer-2013-3 the-libertine-magazine-twinsiconic-jaike-and-ilka-by-neda-rajabi-summer-2013-4 the-libertine-magazine-twinsiconic-jaike-and-ilka-by-neda-rajabi-summer-2013-5 the-libertine-magazine-twinsiconic-jaike-and-ilka-by-neda-rajabi-summer-2013-6

(Kaltblut: iconic issue
Makeup Artist: Maria Ehrlich
Styling: Mahtab Soleymani)

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