Karl Lagerfeld to star in documentary which compares fashion to religion as ”Fashion Pope”.

SEPTEMBER 14 1987 - at Sothebys
SEPTEMBER 14 1987 – at Sothebys

Indeed,the designer is to be the main figure in a documentary that compares fashion to religion.The four hour lasting documentary will be broadcaster by German TV s in September. TV journalist  Martina Neuen acquired unprecedented access to all material regarding Lagerfeld’s work and everyday life along with relevant interviews with the likes of Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Sarah Jessica Parker and Diane Kruger.The main concept of ”Mode Als Religion” documentary is the idea of comparing Mr Lagerfeld to the Pope,with fashion magazine’s being ”The Bible” and fashionistas as devoted followers.Models,of course,are being paralled to angels.The idea behind this heretic approach to both fashion industry and religion comes from a neurologist featured on the film that claims “the brains of a Catholic priest and devoted fashionista had the same emotional response when faced with their respective ‘religions’‘.The main idea though is yet to be proved with more research needed in the field of neurotic responses,as there are also scientists that find difficult to accept such findings until more details provided regarding the featured  research and the extract of conclusions,some even calling the findings circumstantial. I couldn’t agree more.

The idea of presenting German designer  Karl Lagerfeld as a ”fashion Pope”  and the model’s as ”angels” raises questions about  biased parallelisms as well as posing a very serious matter,the idea of ethics as perceived by the church. Comparing fashion, a field that is completely based on materialism to the ethics of religions raises an eyebrow regarding the writer’s intentions.Publicity could very well be one of them…As Neuen herself states: ”It cannot offer you redemption or anything eternal.It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek.”We’ll wait for the documentary to be released to reach into conclusions regarding its scientific credibility and most of all, its intentions. Part of them could be advertising through creating a mini-scandal given the fact that the documentary’s preview screening will take place  in September in Munich,coinciding with the launch of  Karl Lagerfeld’s boutique in the German city.

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