Miles Aldridge: ”I Only Want You to Love Me” London Exhibition-When dreams come true.


A major retrospective of photographer Miles Aldridge’s work, to coincide with the publication of the book by the same name, published by Rizzoli. This is the largest exhibition of his work to date and includes large-scale photographic prints from throughout his career including previously unpublished material as well as hand-drawn story-boards, drawings, polaroids and magazines, offering an  intimate insight into Aldridge’s point of view and process.The whole exhibition is a must-see for all fashion lovers,as this is a part of a general Miles Aldrige project,including  his new book of the same name,to be published by Rizzoli Publications. A second exhibition (simply entitled Miles Aldridge) opens on 12 July at Mayfair’s Brancolini Grimaldi gallery with the characteristic of offering the chance to get your hands on Aldridge’s work yourself.Not bad at all,eh?Aldrige’s work is mesmerizing,intriguing,a visual paradise.Embrace it.

Miles Aldridge: I Only Want You To Love Me (Rizzoli) is out now. The exhibition runs until 29 September at Somerset House.

Miles Aldridge is open from 12 July-29 September at Brancolini Grimaldi.

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