SHOWstudio’s new series of films influenced by MET exhibition on ”Punk”


Coinciding with the Met exhibition ‘Punk: Chaos to Couture’, on which Nick Knight served as a consultant, SHOWstudio celebrates fashion film with a dynamic new series. A range of our talented contributors were tasked with exploring punk’s central theme of personal expression and DIY by creating or customizing a special item of clothing to serve as the subject of their individual fashion film.The main idea is to take inspiration from punk’s central theme of personal expression,from punk ethos. In the spirit of punk’s embodiment of DIY, the films and animations must showcase a garment created or customized especially for the project.You may watch the films or purchase the one-off garments from SHOWstudio Shop.Not a bad idea.We like.

Presenting Erica Schreiner and her fruit stained slip:

This fruit stained slip, taken from Erica Schreiner’s film ‘Jam’, is all that remains from the artist’s fetishistic moving image piece. The film sees Schreiner, clad in the slip, fish net stockings and studded accessories, squash cherries, strawberries and tomatoes onto the pure white garment, in an act that sits between virginal purity and anarchic destruction.

Materials: White dress slip, stained with cherries, strawberries and tomatoes


A bit ehm..naive,if you ask me,still…….

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