Photographer Sam Hessamian exclusive interview-Inside the black and white magic!


There was a strange,lets say,”relationship” between me and Sam Hessamian,if i may say than.Even though he has been one of my favorite photographers ever since i came across his work (and a great person,btw), i have been planning an Interview of him that for several reasons never managed to happen.So now,leaving the past distance and busy life difficulties i proudly present photographer Sam Hessamian and his excellent work that has appeared in i-D Magazine, Dazed and Confused, Qvest, Indie Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily and many other publications.

Was photography a passion from the early times of your life?

Yes. I’ve always been fascinated by the medium.

-Are there any photographers/visual artists you ‘d say they have
influenced your aesthetics?

Not really. I’m much more influence by people and by music. Bebop Jazz.
Rock n’ roll. Classical. Opera. I’m also influenced by cinema. But not
really visually. More in the way of characters. Subject matter.

-Are you a fan of the ”retouched” or the ”unretouched”

Who can be a fan of plastic? I don’t know anybody who can relate to a
subject who has been so Photoshopped that she looks plastic. That fake
plastic skin you see in campaigns and even most editorials these days are
unconvincing. Why not just use mannequins in that case?

-Working on any project at the moment?

Nothing in particular. Just shooting stories. I have many projects in
mind, but that’s for later.

-Closing, which fashion designers and/or photographers you find they are
presenting something new?

I’ve seen people attempt to present new ideas all the time, but most often
it comes across as forced. What interests me more are those whose work
reflects the culture and the time more so than work that attempts to present something new.I’m living NYC,i like looking at work that reflects that feeling of living in the moment at this place and time.Who’s doing it right now?Its tough to say.I’m not sure.

SamHessamianPhoto 7_950 SamHessamianPhoto 8_950 SamHessamianPhoto 31_950 SamHessamianPhoto 1550_950 SamHessamianPhoto5_950 SamHessamianPhoto71C_950 SamHessamianPhoto72B_950 SamHessamianPhoto73E_950 SamHessamianPhoto75C_950 SamHessamianPhoto1002_950 SamHessamianPhoto2009C_950

S a m H e s s a m i a n
+917 828 0490

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