Ulyana Sergeenko FALL 2013 COUTURE-Getting a closer look at her ”Russian dark drama”

MARC0508.450x675 (1)

I felt like writing several thoughts i had for Sergeenko’s work rather than once more, promote Lagerfeld cosmogonist ideas equally mixed with arrogance and talent .Ulyana Sergeenko’s Fall 2013 couture collection had the same repulsive characteristic like her previous two,the clothes were,at times,more costumes that haute couture pieces,crossing this fine thin line between elegance and excess.Still,there is an element of grandeur in her clothes and in her Russian influences that i find it extremely interesting as a start.Her inspiration is orthodox tradition of church vestments which is vaster than you may think but as a Russian she finds no difficulty in infusing priest garment cutting in her collection.The drama,the sense of her native Russia is equally represented in this collection with the high necklines,the dark colors,the ‘heavy material” such as velvet,fur, or full satin.For someone unfamiliar to what she’s doing,the whole collection may appear a bit ”Gothic” but dark drama is a quality frequent in Russian designers.Still the tradition Russian motifs in the neckline of a magnificent coat along with organza gloves were an eye candy.I long to see more of her even though a second career as a theater-film costumier(visualizing an Anton Chechov’s Uncle Vanya or The Cherry Orchard production dressed by her…) shouldn’t be out of the question.And that’s not easy to be said for many.

MARC0019.450x675 - Copy MARC0020.450x675 - Copy MARC0099.450x675 - Copy MARC0138.450x675 - Copy MARC0160.450x675 - Copy MARC0179.450x675 - Copy MARC0210.450x675 - Copy MARC0271.450x675 - Copy MARC0303.450x675 - Copy MARC0333.450x675 - Copy MARC0404.450x675 - Copy MARC0455.450x675 - Copy MARC0529.450x675 - Copy MARC0572.450x675 - Copy MARC0675.450x675 - Copy MARC0762.450x675

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