”Hat-ology’-Anna Piaggi’s Hat Collection On Display During Milan Fashion Week


At least,there is something confirming our interest in Milan Fashion Week, Anna Piaggi’s Hats’ collection exhibited plus curated by her close friend, milliner Stephen Jones.He also revealed that her creative nature was endless, as she would make every hat her own and “try them on back-to-front, upside-down, pin on a jewel, add a veil.” The fashion installation will be called ”Hat-ology” and aims at producing the effect of Anna Piaggi’s life,being staged in the apartment she used to live.In association with the Mayor of Milan and the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italia,the exhibition opens to the public on September 22 to (naturally!)coincide with Milan Fashion Week. “My hat is personal. It is what contains the soul, the feeling, the sensation that moves this little world around,” Vogue quotes Piaggi saying it during an interview in 2011. “It’s a secret and I want to keep it as secret as possible.”. Having in mind that she died in this very apartment,the installation acquaints a metaphysical element of a post-mortem peeping tom-audience.But it seems that was also included in the fashion experience.After all,the history of fashion is made on myths.

APiaggi4_V_7aug12_rex_b_426x639 APiaggi5_V_7aug12_rex_b_426x639 APiaggi7_V_7aug12_rex_b_426x639 APiaggi8_V_7aug12_rex_b_426x639 APiaggi9_V_7aug12_rex_b_426x639 APiaggi12_V_7aug12_rex_b_426x639

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