“Homage to Elsa” by Christian Lacroix-A Magnificent Fashion Prologue!


It is as we had foreseen.The artist and contemporary designer  Christian Lacroix created a much awaited capsule collection of  18 pieces challenging the memory of Elsa Schiaparelli .With those being presented at le salon of Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris displayed in a form of a carousel-like installation .Lacroix created several small apparel miracles having had understood the Schiaparelli spirit to the bone yet leaving his creative imagination lead him to pieces equally colorful,well designed and provocative,just as hers.The collection is initially not for sale but rather work as a magnificent fashion prologue to  the reopening of the House of Schiaparelli,with an artistic director included,of course.Has anyone thought of Lacroix for the place?

”That mixture of eccentricity and neat makes her work timeless.Very relevant for today and tomorrow.”

~Lacroix on Schiaparelli’s work.~

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