Christian Dior FALL 2013 COUTURE-Stepping into a pret-a-porter logic.


Raf Simons seems to be feeling more at home now in Christian Dior than before.The main idea of ”freedom” of expression or as philosophically Umberto Eco placed it,the ”opera aperta”, the ”work open to several views and interpretations, was a refreshing moment,with master photographers  Patrick Demarchelier, Terry Richardson, Paolo Roversi, and Willy Vanderperre to interpreting the collection While the show was running. Raf Simons inserted several ”global”,multicultural influences while,of course, maintaining the main designs of Dior House.Still,something was not quite right.The strong feeling that this collection was made to please ”everyone”’,well,everyone but the couture lovers themselves!  “If we don’t adapt to what women in society are now about, couture might disappear,” is Simon’s logic and his clientele is mostly his inspiration,no matter what he claims regarding  Millicent Rogers and her attitude,etc,etc.Is this the new idea of couture?So,why is pret-a-porter then for?

_DIO0046.450x675 _DIO0074.450x675 _DIO0104.450x675 _DIO0130.450x675 _DIO0150.450x675 _DIO0232.450x675 _DIO0248.450x675 _DIO0296.450x675 _DIO0452.450x675 _DIO0544.450x675 _DIO0634.450x675 _DIO0715.450x675 _DIO0802.450x675

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