Valentino Resort 2014 collection review: ”In search of the lost elegance”


Valentino Resort 2014 collection raised many questions as to why so many different elements coexisted in a manner unusual for a resort collection,why there were military elements,where was the inspiration drawn for the items.The creative directors, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, stated that they were influenced by the work  of illustration artist  Allen Jones and then vision of Marisa Berenson in her boarding school years presented in vivid colors,something like an Al;ice in Wonderland tale.Only that there wasn’t any tale only a collection that was struggling between this imagery and the basics of the ”resort” idea aka the yacht pants and the typical  mariniere blouse. Macrame techniques co-existed with knee-high riding boots,vivid colors with military elements.The designers admitted they sought: ”to create an unconventional sense of elegance”.Excellent goal yet what we were given was an undecided schoolgirl boho look.And you can’t tell that amalgama elegance,even when coming from the House of Valentino.

valentino09 valentino01 valentino02 valentino04 valentino05 valentino06 valentino08

The inspiration:Allen Jones’ artwork in Tate Gallery

Cut-a-Way 1976 by Allen Jones born 1937 Three-in-One 1971 by Allen Jones born 1937

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