Supermodel Pat Cleveland stars in Zac Posen’s Resort 2014 Collection


I tend to believe that after Slimane’s SAINT LAURENT PROJECT,most creative directors had the same idea-put the mother along with the daughter in the campaign.In the case of Zac Posen,its Pat Cleveland,a supermodel of the close past and her daughter Anna,a choice that has been made aiming:”To tear down the conventions of age that seem to be an obstacle in not only fashion, but the celebrity world in general.” as Posen himself claimed.Given the fact that the brand’s world is so close to femininity,floating lines,subtle pastel colors,seems an unnecessary act.What is for sure is that Pat Cleveland still ”has” it,ejecting more supermodel quality and many younger models of today.A great Resort Collection by the way.Floating fabrics balanced with a bit of structure,bearing all the Zac Posen sign of archetypal femininity.

zac-posen-resort-2014 zac-posen-resort-2014-1 zac-posen-resort-2014-2 zac-posen-resort-2014-4 zac-posen-resort-2014-7 zac-posen-resort-2014-11

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