FUTURE / PERFECT:A Performance by Tara Subkoff Starring Milla Jovovich presented in Venice Biennale opening.


Tara Subkoff is an american artist and her work keeps showcasing basic everyday issues that remain hidden under a pile of good manners and routine way of thinking. On the occasion of Venice Biennale she wanted to define the profile of the ultimate consumer with her new performance, a work for which she collaborated with Marella brand,featuring actress Milla Jovovich performing alone inside a transparent plexiglass house  contacting outside world only through electronic devices and ordering online an incredible amount of objects, garments and accessories from sponsor Marella. She finally fills her plexiglass ”cage” with packages to a saturation point.The outfits Milla wore during the performance were exclusively designed by artist Tara Subkoff for Marella. The items of art she ordered on-line were mostly from Cecily Brown, Ed Ruscha, Jeff Koons, John Baldessari, Julian Schnabel,Richard Phillips,Yoko Ono and others.

NDR_4460 NDR_3762 NDR_4250 NDR_4277 NDR_4298 NDR_4418

Milla Jovovich, Tara Subkoff
Milla Jovovich, Tara Subkoff


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