The real”Fashion Victims” by artist Yolanda Domínguez


Yolanda Domínguez is an artist that has managed to create a stirr and sometimes make people feel uneasy regarding her installation criticizing consumerism,women’s place in society and in fashion.In her most recent installation, “Fashion Victims”,Domínguez decides to create a shocking piece of performance art as a serious commentary on the April 24 collapses of textile factories in Bangladesh that killed 1,127 workers.A hard and provocative theme,to start with.Yet she proceeded with the installation. In the piece, actresses lie on the streets of Madrid half- covered in packing boxes and fashion accessories, as if overworked by too much shopping. The position of the actresses is also important and symbolic.They are positioned in such a way to provoke passersby into realizing  a simple fact:  the unchecked greed for fashion(especially in Europe) is part of a vicious cycle of  poor working conditions maintained by the supply and demand for the fashion industry,whose interest in profit is the only that matters. An actress poses even in front of  international brand’s store Mango, (one of the largest brands present in the the fallen Bangladesh factories).In that way,the actresses also shame big names in fashion that promote poor working conditions in Bangladesh and in other parts of the world.

The actresses sparked surprise, confusion, and concern among those shopping in Madrid’s fashion streets. Here is a video and a few photos of reactions to “Fashion Victims:”




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