Barneys Met Proenza: A Perfect Ten?

barneys-proenza04-300x449 (1)

Celebrating their 10th year anniversary, Barneys and Proenza have created a new capsule collection aptly named: “Proenza Schouler: First Collection.” The fact is that it is actually the brands very first collection back in time that is being re-released with some changes,of course,to meet the modern eye.There will be 19 pieces instead of the 11 presented in the first collection and i’m waiting to see real creative thinking here as Proenza Schouler winning the CFDA Award is so close in memory..As Barneys was the store that featured the first collection,it makes great sense to feature exclusive this one,too as Lazaro Hernandez states: “[Barneys] started our career.So the idea of reissuing the first show felt full circle.”.

Still how do the items look now,that 10 years have passed?(And in fashion time,10 years can be an eternity)? Interestigly,they work.Not the fashion blast of the season but yes,as celebrating ”material” serve their role in an excellent way.And that’s no easy thing.

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