Balenciaga Resort Collection 2014-A modern look at Cristobal Balenciaga heritage


It was Lionel Vermeil, head of Balenciaga’s public relations and not Alexander Wang that presented the show in New York,with Wang himself weirdly absent. With Wang out of the picture,its not by chance that the name ”Cristobal” was mentioned more than once showcasing the House’s effort to persuade that nothing actually has changed,just modernized.The collection now was exactly that,a careful study of Balenciaga archives ending in a modern version of them,with modern meaning edgier,structural lines yet with items referring to the iconic Balenciaga shapes such as the volume in sleeves as well as with scribble and “noise” patterns.Working in black and white is a safe mode yet a perfect way to serve the patterns and the shapes themselves-and this collection did that only too well.We loved rounded coats with closures that resembled safety pins but were actually buttons.Hats made mostly of shredded vinyl were everpresent along with same motif-ed shoes,an effect that didn’t seem to give credit to the overall successful collection,could have been differently made,given the image of elegance based in luxury materials that the House has had as a trademark during time.Loved the presentation of the whole collection,though.

balenciaga05 balenciaga08 balenciaga09 balenciaga13 balenciaga19 balenciaga22 balenciaga24

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