Hugo Boss Creates Electric Vibes in Shanghai Fall-Winter 2013 Collection Presentation

BOSS_WINTER_SHOW_SHANGHAI_094 As if last year’s 4 dimensional show wasn’t enough, Hugo Boss decided to shock Shanghai by making its introduction with an IRL catwalk.A Power Station of Art was set and Electric charges pulsated through the lucky audience while lightning bolts crashed overhead and all that happening while the models were finding their way on the zig-zagged runway. Now,the main marketing idea was that limited edition items were for sale even directly from the catwalk,most of them in  subtle designs yet with a  luxurious touch, properly meeting the aesthetics of China’s willing-to-invest-in-an-outfit wealthy crowd.Boss womenswear designer Eyan Allen made their public target plain clear by stating that: “We created a zip made from 24-carat gold. You know it’s there, but nobody else does!” Luxury as a game,understated yet luxurious items that can really be worn,the m here is for fashion marketing not magic.


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