Cathy Wilkes- connecting fashion with art@Venice Biennale 2013

'I Give You All My Money', The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago,
‘I Give You All My Money’, The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago,

Cathy Wilkes is no stranger to art connoisseurs. After all, she was nominated for the Turner Prize for her show at the Wilkes was nominated for the Turner Prize for her show at the Milton Keynes Gallery. This included her sculpture, Non-Verbal Installation, influenced by Lazarus Breaks His Fast, a painting in 1927 by Walter Sickert.

Stephen Deuchar, director of Tate Britain and 2008 Turner Prize chairman, said: “Cathy’s work is not always going to be comfortable for the viewer. It’s like fragments of episodes in her life that we are not quite sure about. At some level, she’s inviting us to share issues that are deeply personal, almost too personal. One of the strongest visual features is the shop mannequin which has several attachments around her head. It is almost as if the mind is burdened with too many ideas.”

Now Cathy Wilkes is back with an installation in the 2013 Venice Biennale and the event is an opportunity for a presentation of her work,using with mixed media,mostly market dolls and processed fabrics, aiming to the status a person is limited today as well as posing existentialist questions regarding consumerism and the persona.Her work is a creation of a slowly emerging, distinctively personal vocabulary of sculptures and paintings which she makes and re-makes in evolving assemblages and environments.The interesting is that Cathy Wilke’s installations appear just like fashion photography imagery,with models in anorthdox poses,even annoying to the eye of the average person,let alone fashion crowd.

Her work is a great opportunity for fashion artists to be inspired and for the fashion industry for a strong necessary yet painful self-critique.

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