Azzedine Alaia’s Debut on Menswear is to take part in an Opera!

Count and Countess Almaviva will wear the outfits sketched .
Count and Countess Almaviva will wear the outfits sketched .

I still consider myself an avid fan of Azzedine Alaia’s work,and the news that he’s working on something that could be called ”a menswear collection”, made me impatient as ever to see the result.In female forms,Alaia’s designs as second to none,do i’ll be really interesting to view his own personal vision on masculine shape.

The fashion designs are for the opera ”The marriage of Figaro”, with Jean Nouvel  being the stage designer, and perhaps the inspiration needed for Alaia to design male outfits.After all,this Los Angeles Performance is part of an ongoing partnership between architects, fashion designers and operatic productions.

”Azzedine and I have been friends for many years and I see him as an architectural designer, with the structure, the geometry and the texture,” said Nouvel.

It is always interesting when fashion designers use their skills in creating operatic costumes or/and settings.Art,provides a liberation difficult to be found while designing a collection each season and so on. I can’t imagine Alaia Going wrong with these particular designs though,after all, ”Le Figaro” is an opera with few dress changes and ready to accumulate Alaia’s vision of men’s bare chests, simple trousers and shapeless white suits.

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