At THE 69TH REGIMENT ARMORY from Tuesday, May 21st through Thursday, May 23rd, 2013,visitors had the pleasure to experience photographer’s Steven Sebring new project ”Revolution”.Using a  10.5-by-15-foot silver contraption especially  designed to capture the form plus each movement of the subject standing inside from every imaginable angle he challenges the boundaries of photography,installation art and ”the eye of the beholder”. As described,the above device is full of 100 synchronized cameras programmed to shoot in predetermined time- sequences.The result is something the eye cannot see,a simultaneous capture of movement in all possible perspectives. The installation brings to mind something very vintage,aka 19th century pioneer photographer Eadweard  Muybridge  and his astonishing stop-motion imagery along with the modern flirting between art and 4 dimension perspectives.The idea appears also in Marcel Duchamp, and in Picasso’s cubism,when painting several angles of the subject appearing at the same canvas,as if ”there where several spectators from several angles looking at the same subject he was working on”. 

The question arising now is what value in terms of aesthetics” has the perception of the 4th dimension has really to offer the spectator?In Sebring’s words: ”a way to photograph humans as art,” and also ”If people say this isn’t the fourth dimension — then show me it. Because nobody’s ever seen it before.”.Interesting yet,so what?You,and art history, are to judge. Just remember that,in terms of art history, one way or another,all has been done before.The question is how.


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