Christian Dior RESORT 2014 collection-Feeling awkward in Monaco.


Raf Simons presenting his first collection for Christian Dior in Monaco-it made perfect sense.Its the past connection of Dior and Princess Grace of Monaco reinvented perhaps by Raf Simon’s friendship with Princess Charlene.As for the collection presentation,people working on staging had to face an unnatural series of rainy days here in Monaco,still managed to have everything in control-and safely closed inside with hick sheets of plastic surrounding the place.

About the collection,now.It was obvious that Raf Simons has studied the Dior archives with great care and attention,using in his collection the elements he feels more comfortable with,the asymmetric lines,the floating fabrics, the bias cut. Still,he tried to take whole collection one step further  dealing with material not-so-like-him such as sheer fabric and also lace.Combining them with metallic elements and strict geometrical lines in dresses as well as having in mind the idea of ”restriction” by using zippers,he was making the statement that the new Dior encompasses speed,dynamism and is being transformed into a contemporary creative vehicle where past Dior meets Raf Simon’s version of the it.To my opinion,the qualities of Dior lines were sacrificed to the altar of modernity,not without making avid Dior fans feeling a bit awkward,even though there were some exceptionally well designed summer dresses and robes. It was perhaps that we could sense that Raf Simons was also feeling awkward dealing with the ultra feminine,floating heritage of Dior.

dior_55.450x675 Dior Resort 2013 dior_05.450x675 dior_07.450x675 dior_08.450x675 dior_12.450x675 dior_14.450x675 dior_19.450x675 dior_22.450x675 dior_26.450x675 dior_27.450x675 dior_34.450x675 dior_40.450x675 dior_44.450x675 dior_50.450x675

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