Miles Aldridge: I Only Want You to Love Me

miles aldridge 5

No,its not a song or another fantastic editorial as you may have thought.Its something better,a retrospective exhibition of the unique work and style, the British photographer  have accomplished,making certain art critics comparing it to this of Bunuel,or, more accurately i would say,to this of David Lynch.

In an idea of celebrating individuality,absurd thought and establishing an uber sexual yet satirical made world of  reality with hallucinations in the main role,,the images are being presented through 20 large-scale color photographs.

Apart from this experience, the  exhibition launches Aldridge’s two new books: Miles Aldridge: I Only Want You to Love Me (Rizzoli, 2013, introduction by Glenn O’Brien), and Other Pictures (Editions 7L/Steidl, 2013).,so there’s stuff to study at home also.

Exhibition running from May 8 until June 8, 2013 at Steven Kasher Gallery(images courtesy by there)

miles aldridge 1 miles aldridge 2 miles aldridge 3 miles aldridge 4

We only love you Miles, have no doubt!

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