Angel Barta,the designer,the talent,the fashion drama and Marc Jacobs’ role.

Angel Barta and Marc Jacobs
Angel Barta and Marc Jacobs

I thought it would have been much interesting should i manage to feature an interview with Angel Barta. She and her story seem to epitomize modern fashion circles,reality and,yes,common people’s prejudices in the people working in the industry that most times have a hint of reality.The whole interview made me think,i must admit and i bet it will also engage you  in re- thinking fashion industry issues.And that’s healthy,i promise.

-I really loved your collection.How can someone obtain,lets say,a coat of yours,or they are custom made unique pieces?

Each piece of my collection is hand made, unique, one of a kind made in the highest quality, real couture. My brand will be ready soon. In the near future people can order my clothes directly from me.

-You also wrote a book,” The Secret Love Affair in Paris”.What made you write it and what is it about?

My book is about the first 2 years of my relationship with Marc Jacobs. I wrote about the fashion world, my life in Paris, my passion for clothes and beauty.

I meet Marc Jacobs in the beginning of 2008 in Paris at the gym called L’Usine. He noticed me in the first moment. He told me he loved me and would make a topmodel out of me. He said he could sell ANYthing with my face. He invited me to private parties, to his Louis Vuitton show and dinner after. He was amazed by my personality and by the style that I represent. Then he realized that I have talent for fashion design. I have a unique style. Something that I did not study, it was born with me. He fooled me with love and promises of a big career in order to get my ideas for free. Anything I did he copied it for himself. He copied my designes, my lookbook, my photos, my colours, my shapes, my movements, my text ( in his interviews he said the same things that I usually say) my style, everything that is me.  He tries to live MY live. He says he wants to see the world through my eyes. He kept telling me that he would own up to loving me and tell the fashion world that he designed about me. But he never did.
In 2009 I realized that Jacobs just used me and my talent for his own success. I told him to stop designing about me and look for another muse, because I did not want to inspire him anymore! I wanted to live my life without him. I did not give him photos anymore. He did not let me go. He sent spyware to my pc, to my cell phone, he hired people to follow me and take photos of me on the street. So he got my ideas anyway in a very sneaky way.
Then I decided to write my story with him in a book. I used fake names in my book since I did not want Marc to have any problem out of it. I just hoped that after he reads my book he would let me go and leave me alone.
Would you mind explaining the whole issue regarding your style and Marc Jacobs?As i read it i found his behavior quite unprofessional..
Well,he became addicted to the success he earned with my ideas and he just could not let it go. As a revenge for my book, he gave all my dreams and wishes to other girls from my country. He started to make Hungarian models popular. In the big fashion magazines they had to act and poise the way I do on my photos. He also dressed them up the way I am dressing everyday!
What was the role of Katie Grand in the whole issue?
Katie Grand is the main supporter of Marc. She and the assistants and the friends of Marc, they all know about my story and they all support Marc in his cruel game against me. Katie Grand works for many brands and magazines. She helped Marc to spread my style and copy my photos in Vogue, LOVE magazine etc. Katie Grand casted the Hungarian models to many big shows such as Nina Ricci, Ungaro, Giles, Miu Miu and big campaigns like Prada. Vanessa Axente, a young Hungarian model has been the face of Prada for more than 3 seasons. ( only Sasha P. had 2 seasons long contract with Prada before.) The Hungarian models were unknown to the fashion industry before I met Marc. He supports them in order to pressure me.
Here is how they copied me for Prada and Miu Miu:
Here is an article on how obsessed Jacobs is with women:
I don’t know if you have already that. Here is my latest article with updates on Lily McMenamy:
What advice would you give to young designers starting their career in the cruel fashion industry?
My advice for the young fashion designers: If you are talented try not to meet Marc Jacobs! Because he controls the whole fashion world and he supports only the untalented people. He does not want talented designers to work in the industry…. and never post your work on the internet because they copy young designers all the time. Don’t keep your ideas on your computer, because from your Facebook they can easily hack your pc and get your secret ideas.  Famous designers have to design so many collections each year that they just don’t have new ideas any more.
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  1. If Angel claims to be a designer, why is it that she has so much time to pose around Paris, St. Tropez and OUTSIDE fashion shows? I think anyone who believes or even entertains anything she says is naive and gullible. Even this ‘interview’ that you claim to have had with her is a cut and paste job [read her other postings across the web and you’ll see the words are pretty much like-for-like].

    Angel’s absurd claims are as if she made MJ’s career… never mind he has been consistently demonstrating his talents YEARS before she was even born.

    Why do people not realise that Angel’s poses and apparent flare for fashion and style are themselves completely derivative from vintage Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, Prada etc? And as for MJ having his evil influences reaching across the entire fashion industry [brand competitors such as Chanel, Prada, Dior, LV etc], three words: Conflict-Of-Interests?!

    Anyone can take your typical editorial poses and claim anything by adding text on pictures using photoshop! … “Here’s a pic of me with my hand on my face… Here’s a pic of such and such campaign with model with her hand on her face… Here’s one of me walking down a narrow street in St Tropez.” Yes, Angel, I’m sure Helmut Newton was thinking of your inspirational talents back in 1975 when he photographed “Le Smoking” in a narrow street!

    Whilst MJ isn’t my favourite designer, I have nothing but respect for him, and likewise, so do my colleagues and industry suppliers who have ACTUALLY worked with him.

    They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity… very clever to be creating a shameless self-promoting buzz across the web right before the launch of a fashion line [no doubt, as a designer, stylist, art director and model in one, you won’t be needing any help in this!], but I’m will to hedge my bets on the latter…

    I feel for Angel Barta, who’s mental health issues of extreme delusional paranoia is glaringly obvious, and can only hope that she gets the help she so seriously needs.

    1. The only thing i can verify is that interview did take place for the specific blog.Now,whether she has said ”the same” or not,i am not to judge that,i am just to post the interview without making personal comments.This blog has never had any interview featured that are not genuine,you would have noticed that all interviews are filly credited.should you were a frequent reader of it.

  2. Sorry, I dont believe her. She just wants to be in spotlight. Maybe she learnt doing fashion with jacobs in past- he won, and she lost. There are now evidences that she wore this awful bavarian checked dress first. Every women can say that for example Prada copied me. Thats very cheap.

  3. She is disgusting, and absolutely unconvincing. Even if to believe her at some point everything MJ makes alike she had done before is so many times better and more professional. Besides she looks cheap and I personally don’t like any single piece of her design. And I agree with KC that she must have some psycho issues and she definitely needs to get help from professionals.

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