Lanvin ”Me” Perfume-”The elegance of finally being myself.”


I have a soft spot for all products Lanvin, especially when they are new.Therefore the launching of their new fragrance Lanvin ME dedicated to the woman, who has individual personality and thus,style, who is not pretentious, but confident in her own skin,aware of her charm but true to herself. Designer Alber Elbaz collaborated with renowned  perfumer Dominique  Bertier together creating a new, unique fragrance  to accentuate strong female personality, intimacy and sensuality. True is that its name and composition depict a typical Lanvin woman – spontaneous, elegant and very feminine but still, Alber Elbaz leaves nothing in chance.

His description of the fragrance was that:”Lanvin Me is more than a fragrance. Its composition tells a story expresses in each separate shade. It resembles a partiture of feelings and emotions of a moment, like a fascinating melody of senses.”

Upon trying it,i found a little too floral for my taste yet i cant count myself as a reliable perfume judge(as i wear almost only men’s perfumes..),yet it did carry this strong quality of seductive hues such as  intense tuberose complementing sweet-fruity passions rounded on the fascinating base.Nice.After all,Benacin explained the intent of the new scent to WWD as“It’s of a woman who thinks of herself, who is hedonist but not egoist. In the communication we want to put forward a lot of sensuality and elegance at the same time”

What i did loved though was the packaging.In  a typical Lanvin mode, the perfume is envisaged as a gift.The golden thread that wraps the outer carton strongly resembles ribbons that decorate gifts,and who is eager in receiving gifts,even from oneself? I am!

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