Casey Legler, the first female to be signed as male model-challenging gender boundaries


Casey Legler is indeed the first woman to be signed exclusively as a male model and expressive her views about how she finds it personally more convenient to model as a man than a woman.It is interesting though that the androgynous 35-year-old connects her male modeling to performance art.

‘I have always used my body to kind of be the narrative, to carry the narrative of what I’m doing,’ the former professional athlete told CNN. ‘So in a way, this modelling is kind of an extension of that.

Its interesting and i’m fine if you ask me.I was just wondering how much fashion lack real couture inspiration that promotes provocation and publicity linked with models,perfumes,scandals.It wasn’t always that way.Of course,Casey makes a solid statement about the boundaries and the perception of gender out society promotes but lets not forget she’s not a performance artist,she’s a member of the fashion world were everything is aimed to publicity..

Legler appears in the May issue of Vogue, photographed by Daniel Jackson for a feature called “Gender Agenda” and this particular feature of her seems an undeniably big coup for the model, especially since Vogue hasn’t shown support and isn’t exactly known to public  for their casting diversity.

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