Anne Wnitour’s new place supports John Galliano’s Tell-all at Vanity Fair July!


And that explains why he finally refused the Parson’s offer!He seems to have agreed for a  tell-all story scheduled to be featured in magazine’s July issue.Galliano has probably decided that enough time has passed from his ratings that costed his his place at Dior,so he’s ready for his first full interview and we can;t wait to hear it. Now,why Vanity fair? Speculations can only be made as to him and his publicist choosing the magazine due to its strict terms of confidentiality still at the same time,the interview will appear in Vanity Fair’s Italian, German and Spanish versions given the fact that it is Mrs Ingrid Sischy the one conducting it.Clever enough.With Anne Wintour in her new role as ”artistic director” in all Conde Nast publications,a Galliano comeback was more than expected and sure to be handled ”with cautions and care” from the company’s publications.And good publicity is exactly what Galliano needs at the moment.After all,Anne Wintour has spoken on his behalf at the past and showed her support in all possible ways during Galliano’s time out of fashion world.It is quite evident she’s orchestrating a comeback,something that all fans of his genius would wish.


  1. Marc Jacobs destroyed Galliano’s career. He wants to control the whole fashion world. Jacobs has been stealing the ideas of a talented young designer for 5 years. He fooled her with love and keeps her in psycho terror. She is called Angel Barta. Read the details with evidences on: styleangelique. blogspot. com

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