2014 Chanel Cruise show in Singapore- why Lagerfeld goes so low profile chic?

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Unfortunately i could not attend it,yet as i see from the images and the overall aesthetics i understand its true why this very presentation was considered unusually low-key,compared,for example to Fall 2013 ”World Domination” one.Well,Mr Lagerfeld isn’t a person that leaves things to luck or making choices without them having an underlying meaning,part from the aesthetic issues of such a presentation.By using former colonial British army barracks to stage the Singapore show,he lowered down and excluded any extravaganza for two very serious serious we believe.

First of all,he cleverly masquerades the eagerness of his fashion house to invest in Singapore (and Asian market in general) by creating a contradiction between the previous use of the space the show took place, and the clothes,making  Chanel’s strategically entering those markets, less intimidating,more subtle and in tune with local dressing habits.

The second reason that comes to mind is a very simple,common one-Chanel is in search of new markets and Asia is providing them fresh places to invest.Yet,to sell the products to Singaporean clientele he has to present haute couture as wearable and European chic.And what expresses European, Parisian tradition in style better than a  black and white palette? The clothes looked luxurious in a subtle way with pastels providing the necessary touch of color.Still,as Senatus,an Asian luxury magazine noted the collection was mostly evening wear.Of course it should be evening wear, cocktail and the likes,that is what the Singapore clientele wishes to acquire from a House such as Chanel.And Mr Lagerfeld is eager to provide them with that.

Btw,i’ve never seen Haute Couture outfits looking so much like pret-a-porter ones….

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