The 2013 Costume Institute Ball red carpet-more ”Punk” or just ”Chaos”?

Madonna is a league of its own!
Madonna is a league of its own!

The 2013 Costume Institute Ball themed after its prominent exhibition ”Punk,from chaos to couture” proved at least to me why i had serious doubts regarding the overall ”punk” dressing idea.Punk has been representing a whole generation/idea/view on issues of society.Inside the MET all that you could see the so called creme-de la creme of the fashion world unable to understand the above thus being dressed more like going to a themed masked ball,that the Costume institute’s one. The result?Sartorial chaos.The catalog of ”Worst Dressed” its long enough to include the likes of Beyonce,Kim Kardashion,Katy Perry and for the first time perhaps,the queen Mrs Wintour who struggled to create a sophisticated counter image ending up looking like a floral garden.

Some of the ”Worst Dressed” celebrities include:

MET_Gala_2013_75133 MET_Gala_2013_75137 MET_Gala_2013_75138 MET_Gala_2013_75139 MET_Gala_2013_751310 MET_Gala_2013_751311 MET_Gala_2013_751312 met-gala-2013-annawintour-beeshaffer-redcarpet-getty-original__width_420 MET_Gala_2013_75132

On the other hand,there were persons that approached the theme with a stylistic twist that produced interesting,almost ”punk-chic” outfits.

met-gala-2013-mirandakerr-redcarpet-getty-original__width_420 met-gala-2013-caradelevingne-redcarpet-getty-original__width_420 met-gala-2013-giselebundchen-redcarpet-getty-original__width_420 met-gala-2013-katebosworth-redcarpet-getty-original__width_420

And the winner is….Anne Hathaway!


Adding here that punk movement didnt started (in Chaos) but with ”method in its madness”,its existence as a street style representing the idea of rebelling against what’s imposed via the media and to all mass culture.The recipe of ”Punk Couture” appearance proved not to be working…

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