SYSTEM ISSUE NO.1 is making CondeNast feeling uneasy.


System magazine seems not to be following the usual way for magazines,which is rather intriguing choice. System magazine will be a biannual glossy featuring an mega interview for their inaugural issue: Nicolas Ghesquière, in his first feature post-Balencianga,gracing also the cover of the first issue! The magazine is being said to ‘“explore the milieu of fashion, like what happens when a star designer leaves a house, or when an e-commerce site overtakes a traditional retailer, more so than its products.”’

Will there be a ”deep -thoughts” fashion magazine indeed or end up being merged in more traditional publications,we’re here to watch.And yes,a ”deep -thoughs” fashion/style magazine fills a void in fashion publication circles.

System Issue No.1
Models: Sam Rollinson & Kremi Otashliyska
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier 
Stylist: Marie-Amélie Sauvé

A visual discours between Balenciaga archives and today’s shapes.

217132_622889491073962_2005245905_n 229728_622889754407269_2009216590_n 422066_622889797740598_705778298_n 575523_622889794407265_1362431394_n 577494_622889757740602_2123697033_n 601896_622889747740603_1718143068_n 946601_622889787740599_512170786_n

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