Its not just Prada,its Catherine Martin,the Oscar winning costume designer behind ”The Great Gatsby’s” costumes and settings


This post’s to make things clear aka to show some light behind Miuccia Prada’s uber celebrative mode regarding the ”Great Gatsby” film costumes.Whilst there’s no doubt that several excellent made evening dresses were design with the film in mind (and being exposed in New York),still all have to have the approval of the actual costume designer of the film,Catherine Martin and Baz Luhrmann’s wife. Its a fruitful collaboration between the couple,with Martin winning two Oscars for her work in ”Moulin Rouge’‘.It is said that it took her team no less than  14 weeks  to build, paint, and decorate Gatsby’s mansion,consisting of a grand ballroom, library,bedroom, entrance hall plus the likes of the garden.Now,that’s what i call devoted to perfection.

She is the person that sought the collaboration with the House of Prada,cleverly gaining an extra promotion of the film,making the film’s aesthetics being ”in fashion” and creating expectation regarding the actual screening of it.The costumes are impeccable,the settings breathtaking meaning that another fruitful collaboration of the pair (Lurmann and Martin) has taken place.

item1.size.0.0.great-gatsby-movie-set-design-02-gatsby-mansion-ballroom item2.size.0.0.great-gatsby-movie-set-design-08-jay-gatsby-bedroom item4.size.0.0.great-gatsby-movie-set-design-09-leonardo-dicaprio-carey-mulligan item7.size.0.0.great-gatsby-movie-set-design-06-buchanan-mansion-exterior item8.size.0.0.great-gatsby-movie-set-design-07-daisy-buchanan-sitting-room

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