Satu Maaranen is the Hyères Festival 2013 winner

satu_maaranen__laur__ate_du_festival_d_hy__res_2013_116152526_north_545x.1This year’s festival jury has decided to award Finnish designer Satu Maaranen the Grand Prix du Jury Première Vision‘ for her womenswear collection ”Garment in Landscape” bringing Land Art back to fashion circles along with 6o’s influences and a military touch.

Now,Land Art is basically a contemporary art trend that uses natural materials such as wood, earth, stones, sand and rocks and can be very impressive,indeed. The winning collection is being said to ”allow the wearer to dress in nature, becoming one with countryside”.Now, why this appears to me as a combination that is very ”today” more than a  creative vision of an overall collection based on fashion’s elements? But lets not view things in the negative way. In any case,the award’s bringing the talented designer €15,000, the opportunity to collaborate with Petit Bateau and a blank check from Galeries Lafayette to use during the next Fashion Week in Paris.Not bad eh?

I have to admit that i loved the ”camouflage” techniques appearing in clothes blending gracefully with traditional chicness.This was the part that encaptured me mostly.And thus,my expectations of the winner became higher-which is damned good think,i assure you!


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