H&M’s choice of plus model Jennie Runk for H&M+ summer campaign ”from a Lady Sybilia point of view”

Jennie_Runk_HandM_BeachwearH&M ”is making a bold statement by not making a statement at all.”? as a popular website comments? The retail company  presented their latest “Beachwear” line,including a variety of beach clothing ranging from swimsuits to sheer knits to denim — all featuring plus-size model Jennie Runk. The remarkable thing about the line is that being “plus-size” is strategically understated,(including only the sign ”+”) should you fail to notice it, it’s simply “Beachwear.”. As targeted by H&M.

Jennie Runk is commenting of fb that : ”

I just stumbled upon this. It was written about a year ago, but I think still applies today. One of the biggest reasons I decided to model was because I wanted to be a role model. I wanted to be someone who makes people think “if she can succeed, so can I. And I don’t have to change who I am to do it, because I am who I am, and that’s pretty d*mn perfect!”

Reading things like this makes me so happy I made the decision to do what I do. It really warms my heart to know that people are getting the message that I and all the other plus size models are trying to broadcast – you are you, and you are perfect, why would you want to be anything else? Also, I want to thank whoever wrote this (I couldn’t find a name) for helping us get that message out, and for authoring such a personal blog, in hopes of helping others in similar situations  ”.

Now,let us clean things up a little. A plus size model inst necessarily the size of an everyday woman,is just just bigger than the average model, so ”plus size model” doesn’t equals to ” plus size women” in terms of size.Model Jennie Runk is a size 10/12. whilst ”models” range from size 6-8(sometimes $) with the desired figure around 34B-24-34. These sizes arent chosen to be the modelling-one’s for the intention to present,en capture the beauty standards of the society. They maintain these sizes purely for practical reasons. Lack of curves and height help to highlight the garment on catwalk and not the model.First samples to be worn of every collection usually come in a size 4-6,so models are expected to have the same size all.just to make fittings easier.After all,being a model doesn’t mean being famous,it means ”doing a job with specific requirements”.

The beauty ideal regarding women varies from era to era. Still,on things is certain,it shouldn’t be measured by the size and face of models as they are much doing a job like most women,a job that includes also being’ ‘ with good bone structure, an elongated neck,no tattoos or piercings.”See my point?

Therefore,what H&M did was indeed a clever marketing move that will make women feel more comfortable into their own skin when buying items featured on a model they can easily relate themselves to.The key though, inst to create ideals to follow,is to celebrate ideal uniqueness.

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Jennie Runk’s video interview: the plus-size model who consider herself an ordinary girl-in Vogue It.


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