Hyères 2013 / 28th international festival of fashion & photography-Felipe Oliveira Baptista exhibition


A screen to the brain

The aim is to go behind the clothes, dissect and show FOB’s creative process. Ideas and concepts will be showcased in installations through and a very strong and unexpected mise-en-scène. The idea is to surprise the viewer and provoke sensorial, aesthetic and even emotional reaction regarding their age, gender, interest or not in fashion.
Technology will be a key element to the mise-en-scène. FOB obsessional archives thousands of images, drawings, and collages, photos that relate to his work. Through technology the aim is to do an installation that goes right into is creative mind. « A screen to the brain » in the code name of the centre pièce installation that would be an enormous monster made out of hundreds different sized screams, that would compulsively and frantically display images and guide the viewer to stories. Fragments of stories, statements, inspirations, motivations, obsessions and all that a viewer does not normally see in fashion.

The exhibition will be curated by Barbara Coutinho. Art direction and scenography by Alexandre de Betak.
The MUDE (Museum of design & fashion) in Lisbon invites Felipe Oliveira Baptista to invest the museum’s main exhibition space (1500m2) from September 2013 until January 2014.

felipe_oliveira_baptista06 felipe_oliveira_baptista01 felipe_oliveira_baptista05carnet d’inspiration © Felipe Oliveira Baptista

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