Karl Lagerfeld shoots Keira Knightley as Coco Chanel.Will this be our fav ”Chanel” film?


Marking the100th anniversary of Chanel,Karl Lagerfeld turns into film director as he plans shooting a short movie starring Keira Knightley as Grabrielle(Coco) Chanel.The chic seaside town of Deauville is to be the film’s setting and its not without reason as this is where the first Chanel boutique opened in 1913.The cast appears challenging yet pretty..unexpected as it includes model Stella Tennant, actor Tallulah Harlech, French actor Clotilde Hesme, as well as model Brad Kroenig and his four-year-old son, Hudson, who is Lagerfeld’s godson!

Knightley stated: “Karl’s amazing. He’s an avid reader, and he speaks about five different languages, so he’ll be rattling off in English to you and in French to someone else, and in German to someone else and then the phone rings and he’s speaking in Italian,” 

Regarding  the film screening,you’ll have to wait till May,as it is set to be screened during Chanel’s Cruise Show in Singapore.

Karl Lagerfeld has proved his mastery behind the camera before yet this is a challenging endeavor even for him as short films require a lot of different skills and a certain ”cinematic” perception of the story filmed.Coco Chanel has also been the inspiration for other cinema directors and her life has been reproduced in film at least twice.

”Coco before Chanel”,film, 2009 directed by Anne Fontaine,starring Andrey Tautou with Catherine Leterrier as the costume designer.

”Coco Chanel”,television film,2008,directed by Christian Duguay,starring Shirley Mc Laine as an older version of Chanel.

”Coco and Igor”,film,2009 directed by Jan Kounen,starring Anna Muglalis,mostly focusing on the notorious romance between Chanel and the composer Igor Stravinsky.

With the latter being my favorite so far..

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