Malgorzata Dudek-A True Fashion Visionary


I once came across an image of an outfit designed by Malgorzata Dudek-yet that was enough to proclaim myself as a fan and follow her work further.She  is a London-based fashion designer,whose work has been featured in most top-notch publications of the world plus an award winner.( Madame Figaro Paris -top jury prize in the White Swan contest, Glamour Magazine Poland -nominated Woman of the Year in Fashion).Still,it was a collaboration with  the Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger that brought international recognition and won her the heavy ”title” of ‘‘next Alexander McQueen”. I liked the concept,i liked the designs,i had to Inter-View the person.She kindly accepted and i thank her for this pleasure of mine.And i owe her a coffee in her studio..

-I must admit I have been following your work since I came across your concept. Did you grow up in an artistic environment?

Thank you. It’s reaffirming to know that people do follow my work.Actually, I wasn’t raised in an artistic environment. In school, the teachers exposed us to the arts in the normal way. They took us to the theater  the cinema and the orchestra on school trips. My mom also took me to the theater and cinema very often. Most of my friends felt these places were boring but I found them so fascinating. Later I took part in theater and went to art exhibits whenever I could. And as a rebellious teen I got into tattoo art and built an infatuation for artists like H.R. Giger and Zdzislaw Beksinki. But I feel that being raised amongst nature had a bigger impact on who I am. I’m really sensitive to my surroundings and feeling nature’s beauty is the most inspiring thing. Being surrounded by art or immersing oneself in an environment full of artists won’t make you an artist.

-Tell us a few words regarding your recent collection. What inspired you?

It was inspired by the myth of Arachne and a NASA experiment where spiders were fed drugs. I incorporated a lot of structure in the collection, much like spiders do to capture their prey. Day after day they spin their webs, even in the most difficult spatial spans. There are a lot of looks that were very daunting to construct and it made me feel like a spider painstakingly setting the impossible trap.   I feel that incorporating structure in my designs is very autobiographical having been raised behind the iron curtain.

Malgorzata_Dudek_Runway_Photos01 Malgorzata_Dudek_Runway_Photos05 Malgorzata_Dudek_Runway_Photos14 Malgorzata_Dudek_Runway_Photos16 Malgorzata_Dudek_Runway_Photos18 Malgorzata_Dudek_Runway_Photos23

(images by Kasia Grabek)

(Credits for the video:Directed and Edited by Scott Brasher Studio // Styling by Rod Novoa // Hair by Yasutake Kosaka // Makeup by Christine Lewis makeup artist // Manicure by Diva Lisa Shelton // All clothing:Atelier Malgorzata Dudek)

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