Christian Lacroix Designs Capsule Collection for the House of Schiaparelli

A couture design by Christian Lacroix, back in 2009
A couture design by Christian Lacroix, back in 2009

Christian Lacroix is a rare kind of artist and a rarest of fashion designer.Surely my favorite so far for his vast knowledge and understanding of fashion history to the point of academic level,yet an extremely flexible,creative designer that has made combining patterns his trademark collection look.So far he was making a second career as a theater and opera designer, as successful as his fashion one.Therefore,there could be no better news that he’s making a fashion comeback this July by creating a capsule collection of 15 pieces for the house of Schiaparelli.Now,the names of  Schiaparelli and Lacroix in combination make me believe that the unveiling of the collection (thus his vision) in the legendary salon on the Place Vendôme is THE fashion event of the summer.”I don’t want to copy her,” Lacroix states in Telegraph’s Lisa Armstrong, “but try to extract the quintessence of her style which is relevant today. Her heritage is much too often reduced and simplified with emphasis on the crazy, surrealistic side of her clothes. But she could do practical, modern and pure, too, especially during the war. I’m excited to create not what everyone expects.”

Truth is that Schiaparelli has been rather an enigmatic figure with many of her designs occurring as collaborations with contemporary artists such as the Dadaists.“Christian could be Schiap’s cousin from Arles,” points out Farida Khelfa, Schiaparelli’s spokeswoman.Now,with the position of creative director at Schiaparelli still to be filled,this new,unexpected collaboration with the genius of Lacroix is almost certain to start rumors.

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