Photographer Fulvio Maiani-Connecting art with fashion!

''Vogue Gioiello''
”Vogue Gioiello”

I must admit that Fulvio Maiani is one of my favorite photographers-and its not easy for me to source and like something in a complete way,with all this plethora of young,talented or not,aspiring one’s. Maybe its because,having met him,i evaluated his quiet yet precise way to understand things along with a strong vision regarding his work,and more generally,life.So,it was time for an Inter-View and i thank him for the present one.

~Was fashion photography an early passion of yours?

Well, not that I can recall, but for sure I was fascinated with all the creative forms of expression, looking back in time there where moments, like seeing a fashion shooting on place when I was 4, that probably stuck to my mind and later developed as a desire for accomplishment.When I decided that photography could be my way to grow artistically it was then that i realized that fashion permitted me to express my personal photography style-and still is!

~Are there any photographers/visual artists you would say that have influenced your own aesthetics?

Being an artist,i grow up constantly searching for visual inspiration,coming from evaluating the work of the greatest photographers.Yet,in my case,i like to believe that i mostly get inspired by images rather than from great photographers’ names..

~Are you a fan of the ”retouched” or the ”unretouched” circles?

Well,if you look back in time you’ll find that the work of an artists has always been expressed using the technology of his time.I am certain that should Leonardo Da Vinci had the possibility of a camera at his very tine,he would definitely use it.I try to take the best that today’s technology has to offer.In a sense,retouching exists almost in every photo,for example,black and white is already an alteration thus a dramatization of reality itself.I am not against retouching as i like to use all that technology is to offer me,to achieve the result i want.In the end of the day,my photos shouldn’t represent reality,but rather a representation of my fantasy being reality.

~Is there a motto that keeps you going?

”Its good to be me!”

~Well,it sure is!

Schon Mag. “Marble” editorial by Fulvio Maiani

Marble_Fulvio-Maiani-3_900 Marble_Fulvio-Maiani-4_900 Marble_Fulvio-Maiani-5_900 Marble_Fulvio-Maiani-6_900 (1) Marble_Fulvio-Maiani-7_900 Marble_Fulvio-Maiani-8_900 Marble_Fulvio-Maiani-9_900

Fulvio Maiani

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