”Save Venice Black and White” Masquerade Ball at New York City-Dress to impress!


Almost all fashion elite were present at Save Venice Black and White Masquerade Ball that took place at the Pierre Hotel, an event that was to promote and support the restoration projects in Venice, Italy.What its more intriguing fashion wise is the gowns of the attendees.With dress code being.. fancy ball gowns,some took it even further wearing even fancier masks.

The evening was sponsored by Lanvin and Harry Winston with the stage being peopled by Lanvin dressed mannequins draped in a pirate’s chest of Harry Winston diamonds.A fashion extravaganza that brought to mind good old times and..Truman Capote’s notorious parties.With guest masqueraded in some of the most sought of accessories  of the season,i would say it was more a fashion extravaganza than an actual masquee ball but hey,it was still impressive and reminded me once more why i adore the House of Lanvin!


Save-Venice-0101_113051283442.jpg_carousel_parties Save-Venice-0478_113058794816.jpg_carousel_parties

hbz-Venice-Di-Mondo-Adelina-Wong-Ettelson-Ashley-Passik-Oliver-Schulze-Laure-Heriard-Dubreuil-Phillip-Bloch-lgn Save-Venice-0401_113056264328.jpg_carousel_parties

163584_611054588924119_734074490_n 544765_611054618924116_961644265_n 602240_611055232257388_1050690435_n hbz-Venice-Di-Mondo-Adelina-Wong-Ettelson-Ashley-Passik-Oliver-Schulze-Laure-Heriard-Dubreuil-Phillip-Bloch-lgn

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