Kendrick Osorio-the man behind fashion marvels//Inter-View

(creative direction/styling by Kendrick Osorio for Iconography magazine)

It is the second time that Mr Osorio has given me the privilege to feature an interview of his and his work.Being a fan and a distant friend for some years,it couldn’t get better! Even more when coming across to his latest work which amazed me as always-i knew it was a smart move to feature his ventures again. You will appreciate the work and the person behind the work as much as i do,that is for sure..There we go,then..

Your name has been connected with some of the most creative works of
the industry. Now, what’s new on the picture?
Being part of films an TV productions, I recently was lead stylist on
a new Movie series DTLA, which for me was an exhilarating experience, i must say!

You have recently started working more into music industry, how’s
that different from the fashion one?
You know my love of fashion. I enjoy it.  My venture into the music
industry has broadened my understanding of talent and branding. I
enjoy getting to know the artists and designing a look and aura that
captures the essence of the individual. Most recently I styled hip hop
singer Keyshia Cole for the October issue of Jet magazine and in the
process was taped for a new episode of her upcoming TV show “The
Keysha Cole Show”.

Any future plans you’d like to share?
I recently taped a new reality TV project for Emmy Producer Sam
Mettler, with whom it was a pleasure to work. In the project, I share
the camera with three very talent women as we instruct and encourage single
moms with the “how to” of wardrobe, match -making and exercise.


(music video creative direction:Kendrick Osorio)


  1. Just saw this site on Tweeter Wow, I love this guys work. Sad to Hear some Photographer didn’t Pay him and his team a large amount of money for some men’s clothing line job he just styled. I hear that happens a lot in Fashion.

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