Photographer Dmitry G. Pavlov-From Russia With Love

Photographer Dmitry G.Pavlov is perhaps one of my favorite photography artists.A low profile personality, with a high artistic work quality and a very personal style,something that i evaluate much  these days of fashion photography… “retouching domination”. So there he is,the person,the concept,the images.Enjoy.

Your work showcases a strong interest in certain vintage aesthetics with a modern view. Is that the case?

 -I think you were right when mentioned some vintage tendency in my pictures. I highly appreciate
working with film for its authentic and true-to-life character.

-If you were ehm.. ‘forced’ to choose a certain era for image inspiration, which would that be?

-Talking about coloures I would choose renaissance era. If I make colour pictures I always think

about those times when artists used paints which were made of natural ingredients.  When talking about
temper of my pictures I would describe it as russian decadence of the beginning of XX century

-Could you describe your overall vision/idea behind your work?

Talking about the main idea of my works – I always try to extract those small “pieces of beauty
which one could find in the Russian fashion culture and trends.

-Was fashion photography/photography your main idea or a career or emerged through life experiences?

-Initially I was not intended to be a fashion photographer. This was more a kind of a hobby.
Everything has changed when I met my colleague and friend Ianis Chamalidy – a famous St-
Petersburg designer. At present we often work together in many fashion projects.

-Could you define some major influences that have shaped your view on things, perhaps photographers, designers, artists?

 I would not mention any “authors” who significantly influenced my view and my way of work
I prefer to say: “Do not create an idol, be yourself”. Though I should confess that I try to develop
my experience by observing people’s work and by taking out the best I meet in their work. On could call this “learning by doing”.

Any future plans you can share?

-I prefer not to make any long-term plans in my career. It is interesting for me to observe the development of Russian fashion industry, to pick up the “pieces of beauty”, sometimes break the rules and stereotypes, thus bringing something new into the modern Russian photography by bringing  my own personality into every picture.But of course, as everyone of us I have a dream, the mountain to conquer. For me this is the Vogue cover!

Contact details:
Dmitry G. Pavlov

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