Personal Invite to the fabulous world of Billy Bow

Photo:Saurabh Dua

When first coming across with Bolly Bow’s world  i must admit i felt a bit sceptical,”can he possibly be involved in all those things himself?” .See,i had to overcome the general fashion sector bountaries that usually define roles during a fashion shooting both in reality-and thus in my mind. When i did that,i started to enjoy exactly that, i had made a certain progress over fashion cliches.And as far as i know,beauty was never produced on the basis of cliches. So welcome to the fabulous world of Billy Bow, allowing him to personally explain his magic-an yet after that,no piece of it seems lost..

Tell us a bit about your self and your random order..

My origin is from  Bombay and  always wanted ” Billy Bow” to be the name i will appear/be mentioned professionaly i the fashion industry.See i have been attracted to all things that demand or ooze creativity,drawn eagerly to Understand  Examine  Analyze and usually Practice most. I also realised early in life that i liked to be surrounded by Girls,High Heeled Sho,Travelling,Images, Glamour,in plus the Fashion world itself!
I therefore enrolled my self an international school for  just  a  short ,hairstyling  diploma yet soon my work got noticed thus being  upgraded   with a free scholarship to be a internationally licensed cosmetologist
It was during this very course, that while learning skin and makeup topics, i realised that i could be more creative in the field of makeup since i also loved to experiment with colors in hairstyling and build bold hair structure.
In India,the fashion scene is difficult should you dont get an opportunity to work as an assistant for someone already famous insider.Since i wasnt seeing it happening soon,i started creating with my own self-learned techniques bringing my personal vision to life.
Right now  i don’t like to limit myself to particular thing or act or a job(or a definition i would add!), what’s  more important is that the work.. i should be complete in all forms ..I mean that  all three things i practice (Hair,Make-Up,Styling) should fit in proportionately  to complete the overall look  of the image. Photography is another issue
I was  never interested in doing photography myself , i think there are individuals  doing fantastic job in conjuction to the stylists. I enjoy doing makeup and  hair styling  but i notice stylists are less enthusiastic on their job ,less crazy perhaps  about creativity itself and the outcome so i entered the field to complete my visions brining them to life exactly as i wish.
 I see creation of an image is complete unity,  Excitement and Thrill to Gain ,  Conquer , Convinced and Complete .

“Ignignificant”, Victo-Reel” and more recent ” VOGUE INDIA ‘s explosive fashion” are rated amongst my favorite series, regarding your work.Which are yours?;)

My fav are ”  La Dolls Vita ” Insignificant  and Victo-Reel are my true stuff . Also ”Punks and Preachers  ” which i m proud to produce by my own.
Collaborations  are important because you need same crazy enthusiastic  folks on the board to achieve the desired story,just  like forming a Rock Band, you need’ll Crazy guitarist , a Bass  player
Singer , Writer  and a Drummer etc,all on the same way of thinking.
I was called a “black & white person” by few. I guess you love colour instead! Is that how ” ”La Dolls Vita” was created?In playful and artistic manner
Images speak for themselves!

Indeed they do! Now,could you tell me some of your biggest visual infuences,let them be fashion photographers,other conceptual artists,painters?

Believe it or not, dont feel really influenced by anybody except my dreams and things/visions of images  in my mind,Visual images i come across, Stories , Cartoons,  for  example kids poems’ books and such stuff .Influences can actually be derived from every thing that surround me. Still if i had to mention some names i would end up with Manish Arora , Pablo Rovesi , Alexendra Mcqueen and Leigh Bowery as my biggest influences.

Final question’s about a passion we share.Music.Well?

Music is  very good way for  expressing   your feelings , you write,  you sings,  you deliver the message, your experiences , let them be heart breaks,joy,etc.
Women inspire me, are special  and  I equally Love And Hate Them . it is so invigorating  for me to write about them and make them appear beautiful and interesting in they unity.
i think its important  for me to do , to express through by words , by makeup , by styling and everything needed to convey and deliver a message to the world.A motto that defines me is ”Every good creation is nothing but big frustration”.
And another if i may…”Limits are not on my List”!!
You bet they arent!
contact details:

Styling by Kushal Parmanand,Hair and Make up by Billy Bow
from “La Doll’s Vita” series
“Victo-Surreal” Styling,Hair and make-up by Billy Bow,photo by Nilesh Patankar
“Unusual Features” Vogue India
{"Unusual Features" 
Vogue India january Beauty Issue 
Photographered by :- SURESH NATRAJAN Styled by :-LORNA MCGEE
Models :- Shruti Aggarwal, Rachel Bayros,Tara Kurian 

 Production :- IONA FERGUSSON}


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